E.M. Youtube Video Download Tool

E.M. Youtube Video Download Tool

Meant to help you download, convert and play videos from YouTube
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This application is meant to help you download, convert and play videos from YouTube and other similar websites. It also lets you repair FLV videos.
I've tried a number of different approaches - like playing videos in different browsers or directly in its interface - but no matter what I tried I couldn't manage to make it actually download videos, not even one single file. It simply didn’t detect any played videos, regardless of the used browser, and manually adding an item to the download list had the same effect: nothing happened.

These major issues concerning its main functionality leave me with no other option but to advise you to avoid this application. The only things that actually worked were its YouTube browsing functions and its conversion features. It did let me convert FLV and MP4 videos to other formats, and the large number of supported formats is indeed a remarkable advantage. Unfortunately, it still can’t compensate for its huge downside.

Its interface looks a bit untidy and doesn’t help me change my general opinion that this tool in its current state doesn’t deserve even downloading, not without receiving a major update that fixes its issues. The worst part is that it isn’t even free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Supports converting from and to a large variety of video file formats
  • Includes an FLV repair function


  • Didn't manage to download any videos for me
  • The interface is a bit untidy and unclear
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